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Disturbing Buzzing

October 28, 2008

I’m lying down, reading, or trying to finish a citation for French by adding a couple more primitive sentences,when I hear this all too familiar buzzing. Not long after the buzzing do I see the black dot whizzing by me, around me, above me, all in the same second. I keep my windows closed religiously to not let this happen. No flies or moths that make alarmingly big shadows on the wall can get into my room.

Only they do. 

My dad never closes the door when he comes in. He likes to let the fresh air in or to get rid of thee cooking smell when my mom cooks with onions. I actually like that smell, but I don’t say anything. 
Back to the flies. When I see one buzzing around the kitchen downstairs, infesting everything with its presence, I race upstairs and close my door to prevent it from getting in.

Magically, it still gets in. Maybe I went to the bathroom and in that less than 60 second time window, it managed to get in. It’s very hard to get rid of them too because they’re fast and unpredictable. I hate it most at night, when I’m already in bed, and suddenly the buzzing starts. Like the fly was waiting for me to get in bed and then start its paths of torture. I simply can’t sleep if there’s something that buzzes or has the ability to fly in my room. This has made me a heartless bug-killer, but I’m doing the same thing that spiders do. Except I don’t eat them. So if I had to pick which critter to have in my room, a spider of a moth, I’d definitely pick spider. They’re slow and harmless and help me get rid of the flies. The rest, however, are able to move, land unexpectedly on my arm scaring me half-to-death, and prevent me from getting a good night’s sleep.

It makes me laugh how carefully some people get a bug/insect (are those the same thing?) and let it out “into the wild”. They get a paper and a cup and trap it in for a few moments and let it go. They make a big deal of it, too. Why not make the job easier and just get rid of it more simply? No need for paper or moving slowly and steadily, cringing with every step,  praying that it won’t somehow fly out and you have to start the job all over. One hit and you’re done. (That is, if you’re lucky.)

There’s one in here right now, which is what prompted this disorganized rant.