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All Hallow’s Eve

October 27, 2008

I do plan on going trick-or-treating this year. Anything to satisfy my constantly craving sweet tooth. 

Every year, my hands turn more numb as the hours spent outside knocking on stranger’s doors increases. But I don’t care, I continue shivering as my bag of candy gets heavier. My sister and I always fight over who gets to ring the doorbell. Of course this is back when we went together, when my sister still could stand to spend time with me. We say trick-or-treat in that sing-songy, movie-type voice. I always try to peek into the person’s house, see if I can catch a glimpse of their life. I promise I’m not weird, just curious about people. We say thank you like perfect little angels and move on to the next lit house. If it isn’t lit, we stay away. 

At 9:30, I’m back in my house. But I’m too excited to get warm. Instead, my sister and I go up to my room (or whoever’s room is cleaner) and spill out the contents of the night’s prowling. We categorize all the candy: Reeses, KitKat, Three Musketeers, Snickers, skittles, Crunch bar. I set aside the Almond Joys and other unfamiliar bars for my dad, who’ll eat anything. I can never hold myself back, I always eat at least four candy bars before going to bed. I think about cavities, because Halloween is always associated with holes in your teeth and dentist checks. But I don’t care, instead I delight in the carmel and nutty goodness of the Snickers bar. I’m lucky my sister can’t stand those, I get two trick-or-treaters worth of those. 

Eventually sleep comes, and I place my bag at the foot of my bed. I shamelessly eat one when I wake up, take two or three for school. I inhale the sweet, overwhelming but inviting all the same scent of machine-made bites of heaven. I try to make the candy last for as long as humanly possible. Remember, I have a sweet tooth, so the candy vanishes long before I’m ready for it to. 

It always disappears too fast.