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You’ve got to find out for yourself whether or not you’re truly trying.

November 28, 2008

Why not give it a shot?
Shake it. Take control and inevitably wind up
Find out for yourself all the strengths you have inside of you.
This seems weird to me now…to have a blog with about 10% of the content written by me. I will still continue the literary excerpt thing because I think it’ll be a really satisfying archive once I get a little further with it. You could say I’m in a dryspell with writing…I don’t have a lot of ideas or urges. Or if I do, they’re ephemeral and forgotten about by the time I check Facebook for the 30th time in one minute. So a lot of things remain unwritten. 

You know how hours pass by on the computer with you barely noticing, right? For me, one of the activities that eats up these hours is Youtube. I have watched over 10,000 videos since I created my account in 2006 and have 639 favorites, that number increasing every day. If you go back through my favorites, it goes through all my obsessions. It’s kind of neat, actually. That’s the word that comes to mind. Anyways, sometimes I get in these moods and I feel that I must type parts of interviews with Mika or Anthony Rapp because of the worthiness of what they’re saying. Even though it’s easy to give someone a link and say “Go listen”, I feel if I have it typed up it’s more permanent, it gives their words even more meaning. And I think they deserve to be preserved in this way. That is why I made the transcript of the RENT Documentary, which ended up getting into the double digits in page numbers. I felt their words, the memories they were sharing, had to be recorded and kept in a way that’s different from it being on a DVD. 

That being said, here is one of those times where I had to type up part of a youtube, rewinding tens of times to get the phrasing exactly right. I still didn’t get the end quite right, but his words make me smile. I won’t count this as an excerpt since those are strictly from books. I think Thanksgiving is the most meaningful American holiday; it’s something that forces you to look at your life and see how much of it you’re grateful for, makes you spend time with your family, and even though the gathering may end in disaster from inevitable pressure of the day, it’s still good that a day like that exists, once a year.
“…practicing gratitude, saying thank you, it is clinically impossible to be thankful and depressed at the same time. And people have actually asked me, well, what do you mean, what should I be thankful for, what are you thankful for? and then I said to myself, alright, well let’s start small, you know? okay, let’s…I woke up today. I don’t know how that happened. I’m thankful for that. I’m not exactly sure what is making my heart beat right now, but it is happening. I don’t have to consciously think about digesting my food, otherwise I’d be incredibly busy. So luckily, all those things are happening. It’s…crazy. And for that, I am thankful. 
So if you just start, if you just start at those simple things that we all should be thankful for, suddenly, you start to realize how much you do have to be thankful for. Hot water. Holy…(crowd cheers). There are so many people all around the world that will never have hot water. So, wow. Suddenly you start to feel all these things that you’re thankful for, right? That’s called this great feeling of abundance, right? All this great feeling of wealth. Even with nothing in your pockets, you feel like you have everything. Now some of you with this great feeling of wealth you have the power to give, you have the power to be generous with your time, with yourself, with whatever it is you’ve got. And so as soon as you start giving into your community, whoa. Then you become like *angel choir singing* You’re just on a roll then, you know? So if you leave this Thanksgiving with anything other than a food coma or indigestion, leave with this feeling of gratefulness, like, continue it all through the will just, ahh(sigh) it will just…It’s like giving your soul a massage. 
So this is a song for all my friends, just a way to say thank you, guys, tonight.”
And surrounding his words is the opening guitar sequence to Song For A Friend, which is where the lyrics in the title of this blog and the first three lines come from.

Now this would be the easy version of getting what I want to say across:
But I like writing about it more, to dwell in the beauty and fluidity of his words. The fact that his spoken voice is irresistible also helps, so do watch the video if you have time!
Jason Mraz’s concerts are so much more than music. They make you feel thankful for being alive, they give you this invincibility for a few hours as you revel in his talent, the beauty of his voice and lyrics and melodies. He gives you the mindset of celebrating the moment, of appreciating what you’ve got. At least that’s what I experienced. I hope I get to see him live again.

Start out simple, and go from there.