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A TV Moment

December 3, 2008

My favorite salad bar is located downtown, which is significantly more exciting and alive than Palo Alto. It’s called Pluto’s and I’ve gone there ever since I started piano in second grade (my teacher’s apartment was basically next door.)
We were in the area after our music lessons, (different piano teacher though) so we went to get a nutritious, hearty meal – salads with a panoply of toppings, whatever pleases you – among mine potatoes, a hard boiled egg, cucumbers, and a flavorful caesar dressing. All of these mixed in your mouth is nothing short of a firing of taste buds that makes for a pleasurable experience. After that, you move on to the sandwiches and soups and side dishes, a huge hunk of some animal constantly being heated by a fire-red light. 
Instead of asking for it to go and taking home four white plastic boxes (one for my brother) we chose to eat in the restaurant. We went in the area that’s supposed to be a little quieter than the pandemonium in the entrance. Three people ordering at once, a server putting their salads together, professionally spinning the contents in a huge metal bowl so everything is adequately mixed. 
Among the restaurant’s din, it is fun to listen and pick three of four word phrases from people’s conversations. I do this even when I’m with company, almost involuntarily. The best is when you hear the same thing – makes for a funny and possibly awkward moment.
This evening I overheard two phrases out of context that I could just see someone on a TV show saying, right down to the characters.

Taken in SF, not at the location of this entry.

Taken in SF, not at the location of this entry.

A tall, lanky Hispanic man with perfect teeth and big hands was animatedly telling two friends, a man and a woman of the same ethnicity about someone who was “sitting on the couch, stoned out of her mind…” laughing all the while. Come on, isn’t that straight from some dramedy script? I stopped listening because I don’t think I could control my reactions.
Then, at the table next to theirs sat two close friends out for dinner. The one who was telling the story here had an almost square face with idyllic blond-hair-blue-eye features. Her friend giggled at everything she said, bending forward so her forehead almost touched her food. “I mean just sex…I wouldn’t even get in bed with him…” this one was incoherent and I felt even more silly for accidentally overhearing this particular moment…who knew who she was talking about, her ex trying to revive their once passionate relationship? someone from her work desperate for some action? The point is, she was talking about this in public, loudly, and for a while. Even if I couldn’t hear, I could tell by her face that they were on the same topic, her lips indefinitely set in a mischievous smile, passionately gesturing and delighting in her friend’s laughter. 
I couldn’t help think of Sookie and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls walking along the street in broad daylight talking about sex with Alex, Lorelai’s season 3 boyfriend for several episodes. That was TV, that was expected. But in the case of those two, it was almost embarrassing. I think my mom heard them too as she cast a sideward glance at them, turning back before they noticed, but I let it slip.
Careful what you yell in restaurants, or any public establishment for that matter, you never know who might be surreptitiously listening, laughing at you in their head.