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All Things Eye-Catching

September 8, 2009

The book cover and the book title both caught my eye as I browsed the New Fiction section in the library I have grown to love and place as one of my favorite places to spend time at. Also on the list is Downtown Palo Alto and Mountain View, and of course, M2, where Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra rehearsals have been held “since the beginning of time,” as Kris would say. I read about thirty pages of it before Harry Potter butted in, and that kept me occupied for a month, give or take a week. When I finished the series, I’m glad I got back to this one because it’s one of those books that you don’t come across every day, with really nasty descriptions and messed up characters but an absolutely riveting story all the same. The excerpts here aren’t necessarily my favorite, and none of them have “Me, Rhonda”, as the narrator so often addressed whenever he was talking about himself. I didn’t follow the page numbers where the most shocking parts are, but I have still preserved a taste of what the book was like here, and that’s my main goal. Each book has a different language to it, even though they’re all written in English. That might just be my favorite thing about literature. 

Excerpt #33:
“What brought you here?”
“I was working at a drugstore in Phoneix. My boss knew I liked to cook and he had a buddy in SF who owned a restaurant. He phoned in a favor. I moved here, started peeling garlic and potatoes, worked my way up.”
“Is that what you do for a living?” She finished her wine. I split the rest of the bottle in our glasses.
“When my arm isn’t broken, yes.” 
The owner brought out our entrees, grated fresh cheese on our pastas. 
“I want you to cook me dinner. Do you have a secret recipe?”
I nodded. “Meat Trees.”
She laughed and said, “What are meat Trees?”
Hearing her laugh was like she’d taken everything awful and everything I’d squandered and turned it into an ant, one tiny ant that I could barely see, something so small that it couldn’t hurt me anymore, and if I held the ant, if I placed it on my skin, I’d feel its tiny weak legs walking all over me and I’d know that everything was going to be alright. 
“You’ll see. Would you like to take a walk after dinner?” (127-128)

  Excerpt #34:
There will be ten of them, he said. Tell me what you see, he said. Flashcards flashing, symmetrical patterns splattered across them. His office smelled liek tuna fish, and his wrists were thin. I always thought they ewre probably brittle like uncooked angel hair pasta. (125) 

-Things That Meant The World To Me by Joshua Mohr 

Also remember: Rhonda got a tattoo of a Rorschach ink blot on his chest. 
Next up: A book that had me laughing at things I’d never laugh about, had me picturing things I didn’t know existed.